Welcome to the kennel Jack Russell Terriers PYLADES founded in September 2008.

The translation means "faithful friend".


"Dog ownership is like a rainbow. Puppies are the joy at one end. Old dogs are the treasure at the other. " (Carolyn Alexander)


Something about me, my priorities and how my dogs live at my place

My dogs have been guiding my through my whole life. First Misa, mixed breed dog of a German shepherd and a Slovak Cuvac. I cannot recall him very much, but I do recall his successor Rita, a Newfoundland. She was an awesome friend. Her successor was Borka Faranda, a Czech Mountain dog. That was in 1980 and it was a beginning of this breed. With Borka I started visiting a dog training place. Despite all problems I had with Borkas character, we passed the ZM exam together!I started to like our trainings, what did not by far apply to Borka.


We weren't really a perfect fit, so my brother kept Borka and parents finally allowed me my own dream dog, a German shepherd. So Blesk (Bolt) joined our family, having his roots in Slezska Hana.  He was an amazing dog, with whom I didn't have difficulties to win any exam, so we passed ZM. ZVV1-3 together and many other races. So for me he was the perfect dog!!!
When he passed at my age of 14 I did not have a dog for a long time. After that I became very fascinated by White Swiss Shepherd Dog. So I got my new dog, Damian Lars Donnevara. With him I passed exams like ZPO and ZZO. Apart from that, he won many titles like: Czech Champion, Club Champion. After a while, I bought myself another dog, Athos od Cerneho Datla.
With him I passed ZM, ZVV1. ZPO, ZZO. Titles: CHCR, Club Winner, Club Champion. Of course, both guys received many CAC awards. This breed is very gentle and intelligent.



In times when both of my guys were 6,7 years old I also got Jacki and Dolynka. Both of them were Jack Russell Terriers and mixed breeds. Which applies to all dogs without papers (a card of origin).  These two clowns simply won my heart and I realized that dogs without papers are not my cup of tea, so I got myself a new princess Aura from Ladas Shire and along with her also Mr. Alias Sonny Dynamic Life.  And because I can't really get enough of Jack Russell Terrier, Baileys of Andulka won my heart.
After that suddenly came shorthaired Coudy Pemiko. After a long pause I finally obtained two brothers after my beloved dog - Bentley Bobo and Bake Rolls Fidlant. I wanted to retire my two bitches, so I kept a bitch from an abroad mating, Fan-Fan Pylades, and since my Sony boy passed away very soon, I got myself Rocky Ruby OMV, a perfect dog with a perfect pedigree.


Before I get myself a dog and how dogs live at my place

I am not a huntsman and I will never be one. But I breed hunting dogs so I don't take away, what is in their nature. Even though I have a negative feeling about hunts, all my dogs have to have a certain type of training. In order to maintain their amazing character, along with their health. All our dogs have to pass the contact fox hunting exam, they have to track down wild animals, fetch wild animals with hairs and feathers - also in the water.  Obedience is taken for granted. Dogs MAY NOT react in any way to noises, have to be used to travelling, and no matter where we go, they have to act happily and self-confidently.
A Jack Russell Terrier is a terrier, so they have to be interested in everything and have to enjoy every single event. Excuses, such as: "My dog is afraid of noises, exhibitions and people" are only excuses of a uncertain, scared dog, whom I would never get for my breeding.



Our dogs are all over the year in our garden. In summer, they sleep in big, safe cages and I can honestly tell that they like it this way, due to their full daily program. So in the end of the day, they are lucky to have some time on their own. During colder days they can always come into our house. That does not happen very often, because they enjoy themselves more outside. We and our guests always like to cuddle and play with our dogs. Almost every day they go for a 3-hours walk and later on for a 2 hours walk, along with the time spent on the training place.



My dogs undergo health examinations, which are available and adequate to the risk (mostly anesthesia).My puppies grow up inside the house and leave my family perfectly socialized, cheeky and bold. Our huge amount of passed exams only proof that my dogs have excellent characters and only my Jack Russell Terrier among all Jack Russell Terriers won the CACT award.


Jana Krejčířová



Jana Krejčířová, Libina 214, Česká republika
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